Meet The Team

Big Shout out to my awesome team! Without them, none of this would be possible! 

Derek Jefferson  Derek J- Creator/Founder/Writer

Michael O.   Michael O.- Illustrator of No Heroes In The South series #2-#3


Yusuf S.  Yusuf S.- Illustrator of Homeless Homeboy series

Chinedu C.  Chinedu C.- Illustrator of "All Comicverse Charterer" pin up, Dominatrixx vs Drunken Assassin pin up and Homeless Homeboy issue #1 variant cover #3

Rex B. Rex B.- Creator of HTDB Comics Action Figures

Davian C.  Davian C.- Illustrator of Hold That Down logo, Hold That Down Bruh Comics logo and No Heroes In The South logo

subhadeep369  Subhadeep369- Illustrator of Paymaster, Bootman, Extreme Ty and Homeless Homeboy concept art

Milena B.    Milena B.- Illustrator of No Heroes In The South #1 

Gaspar   Gaspar S.- The Illustrator of Professor Midgetface, Dominatrixx, Captain Sah, K9 the Hunter and Drunken Assassin concept art 

Donald B. Donald B.- Illustrator of Friends' Children's Book by Robert Cook III

Izeek  Izeek E.- The illustrator of Eddie vs Paymaster art