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About Us

We at HTDB Comics are dedicated comic book fans. We started in 2016 and grew over the past few years into the company you know today. Our unique style represents the way we think comic book stories should be told. We are a blend of Hip-Hop, animation and real-life situations illustrated in a different way then you are used to in traditional comics. We are officially the newest indie comic book company in Atlanta, GA and a pioneer in Hip-Hop Comic Books. The 'No Heroes In The South" series is gritty, mature and funny at the same time. It is meant for readers over the age of 18. But we also have comics like "Homeless Homeboy" that's appropriate for all ages. This series is more friendly but still takes on real situations like falling on hard times and losing everything just to turn things around for the better. I take pride in writing my stories, so any title we bring to you is one you will truly enjoy. Stay tuned for all of our upcoming books which I'm sure you will enjoy!

Derek Jefferson at 2 Chainz Trap House

Me at CNNMe and Pastor TroyMe with the legendary John Carlos from the 1968 Olympics

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