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Why I Think Luke Cage and Iron Fist Got Cancelled By Netflix

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Big shoutout to J-Skipper for letting me use his artwork for this article. Well, I think this can be looked at from a few angles, but let me start at the perception of the shows. When Iron Fist came out I was a big fan of Daredevil and Jessica Jones didn't draw my interest at all from the trailers. I gave Iron Fist a change because I knew his show was gonna be related to the TV MCU. It started off slow, I got to episode 3 then lost interest after that. Then Luke Cage came out and of course, I liked it. It had a good storyline, action scenes were alright but staled in comparison to fight scenes in of the other Marvel series'.Shades, Cottonmouth and Moriah were interesting characters. Luke set the tone for the show but the black culture it was trying to capture kind of felt forced and inauthentic.  I like the shoutout to Hip Hop and other cool themes that it introduced into the Marvel world. I thought the character Diamondback was ridiculous and unnecessary. But the first season overall was great and a refreshing feel. But it wasn't until The Defenders (which was great to me despite the negative reviews) that I was interested in watching Jessica Jones and Iron Fist shows. After watching them both I liked Jessica Jones better than Iron Fist. The first season was alright if you can make it through half way at least. Him tryna to regain the image he left behind got kind of boring after a while, then The Hand came in and that got me through the season. The most interesting part of the first season is his deeper ties to The Hand than Daredevil, that's it! Then Luke Cage 2nd season dropped and you can notice the obvious decline in material. The introduction to Moriah's estranged daughter, Shades and Moriah's interesting relationship, and just Moriah's overall character made the 2nd season worth watching. Bushmaster wasn't that interesting and Luke was just there. So I see where both shows dropped the ball, The only way you would find Iron Fist worth watching is if you are a comic fan and the second season of Luke Cage is just such a decline from the first, so that can be 1 reason both shows got canceled. But my 2nd angle that I mentioned is maybe since Disney is rumored to launch their own streaming service they pulled these two failing show  and decide to combine them together for a Heroes For Hire show straight from a storyline out of the comic books. It is rumored that this may happen and it would make sense and this may be a possibility. I guess we will have to wait to find out. 

 Art by J. Skipper


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