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What I Want To See In Avengers 4? (Spoliers inside: For the 2 people on Earth that haven't seen A: IW yet)

Posted by derek jefferson on

Big shoutout to J-Skipper for letting me use his artwork for this article. So we all know all of the heroes will be revived in some way, being that spiderman and black panther both have pending movies. But I would like to see Thir finally get the respect he deserves as the strongest Avenger, I want Black Panther to have a more significant role because he didn't get much shine in Infinity War. It would be nice for a better explanation on why Hulk refused to help, and I also believe the scene where Hulk is in the commercial but not in the film (when he's running with Cap and BP), is in the A4 movie. If so that's a nice twist on building anticipation between 2 films. They should retire Iron Man or Cap because we are due for a significant loss that will bring out the emotions in fans. Being that RDJ contract is set to end and Cap does in the actual storyline, I think one of these two are gonna happen. I like Cap, but I would like to see Falcon take up the mantle like in the stories plus he has always been in the background, it's his time to shine.  I love Tom's Spiderman, and for some reason, I feel like they captured his true character with Tom, and now I feel like Toby's Spiderman was never meant to be. I would love to see the gray Hulk (Hulk body with Banner's intelligence), and they should bring in Reed Richards because The Fantastic Four has never had a good perception through movies in the past. Think of it, their film premiered Silver Surfer which should have been a critical moment in Marvel movie history, but most of us have forgotten about this. So I think the next Avengers movie has excellent potential to reinvent old characters and introduce new ones while still telling a good story. I can't wait till 5/3/19! See you at the movies!

 Art by J-skipper



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