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What I Think Of DC's Titans So Far

Posted by derek jefferson on

First off let me shout out J-Skipper for allowing me to use his art for my blog. Now I was just excited as everyone else when the announced the new Titans series. Well for one, it's the first real-life take on the Teen Titans. The second reason is that it looked more mature then we are used to seeing on the small screen. But I was instantly disappointed when I saw the actual series, I mean they did an excellent job with capturing Dick Greyson/Robin. I think giving him the role of a cop was risky being that people knew that's not in his origin and people missing the fact that Batman and Robin are detectives, just not in the traditional way. I know that they didn't make Starfire orange because it probably wouldn't look good enough or some type of CGI issue, but they could have done a better job at casting her, but she's not half bad, but I don't get a Starfire vibe from her. They did great with raven. I will admit the first episode was a drag, the second one with Hawk and Dove was good actually and gave everyone a look at new small screen DC heroes. But I didn't pay enough attention to the third episode to see Beastboy so in all fairness I will go back and give it a chance. But I must admit so far this new series based on the Teen Titans, has me bored at this point. And the fact they left Cyborg out didn't sit well with a lot of fans, including me. So out of love for the DC universe, I will watch the show in its entirety and give it a final summary. 

P.S. DC if you are listening, cancel Titans now and give us Young Justice season 3 now!!!!



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