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What I Think About The Rumored Michael B. Jordan's Superman

Posted by derek jefferson on

 Big shoutout to Davian C. for letting me use his artwork for this article. I don't think it's a good idea for Micheal B. Jordan to be Superman or black for that matter. I'm black myself but to change the race of a major known figure is not an easy thing to do, especially without extending the storyline or altering it in a familiar way. What I mean by that is if it is an adapted story out of the comics like maybe Michael being Steel and they team up or something. I can see that happening more than just changing Superman altogether. Just think of if they made Tom Crusie the new Iron Man, most viewers of MCU and DCEU movies are authentic comic book fans and the rest are regular movie goers, so of course, everyone would go see it but it wouldn't be received well by its core fan base. So in turn that would effect future sales, then they would have to do a reboot. In the DCEU, a reboot wouldn't be as damaging to the franchise as it would be to the MCU. Being that the MCU has a well thought out 10+ years invested in their franchise. So in conclusion, I would say I would still watch it either way. I know it would definitely be a refreshing, fun look at the character for a lot of people including me but I don't think the core fanbase will receive it well but this just may be another rumor made up by the fans, so we will have to just see.

 Art By Davian C.


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