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We are funded!!! Thank you to all my loyal fan!!

Posted by derek jefferson on

We funded at $1,558 out of $1,500 pledged, making it 104% funded! I couldn't have done it without you guys, The start of the campaign was kind of good then it started to slow down by the 10th day then it completely stopped at around 54%. On the last 4 days, you guys really came thru and pushed me over the finish line. The 10% from this campaign will go to paying for some "Shelter The Forgotten" shirts that we will pass out to the homeless, and if you want to get in on this then you can buy the shirt from our shop and we will donate a shirt to a homeless on your behalf and 10% of each physical Homeless Homeboy comic book sale will still continue to go to the homeless even after this Kickstarter campaign. Thank you for rocking with me and your support will go a long way. Not only are you helping me complete Homeless Homeboy #2, but you are also helping me get a step closer to creating my Homeless Homeboy Foundation. Stay tuned, my next blog will be dedicated to all my pledgers as I will credit them properly for their contribution, for the world to see whenever someone visits my site. You guys are the real MVP!!


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