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Titans' Batman Vs Robin episode is TRASH and here's why!!

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Shoutout to J-Skipper for letting me use his artwork. I want to start by saying after you get past the 3rd episode of Titans then it starts to get interesting, my whole reason for going back to watch the rest of the episodes and give it another chance was because of the season finale episode of a showdown between Dick and Bruce, which turned out to be the biggest disappointment. What I liked about the show up until the last episode was the bond the team started to grow between each other. I liked Dick because we never seen this version of Robin before, human, down to.earth and conflicted with himself about Bruce and if he should continue to be Robin, but I don't rememberDick being a real cop. I liked how they introduced Jason Todd and the relationship between the two felt authentic and out of the book. The only thing that I didnt like about Jason was his childish behavior towards something serious as being the new Robin, I'm not sure if that's how Jason acted in the comics because I wasn't a big fan of him. I think Starfire was great, I didn't expect much from her but she did a great job even though she added her own touch to the classic character, but I felt they could have done a little better with making her appear more like the TV version. I felt like Beast Boy was the most accurate to the show compared to the rest, his personality was on par with his TV counterpart, I like that he felt bad for murdering that doctor, it really showed his human side, bit I dislike that he can only change into a tiger, I mean what gives, I guess the studio was trying save money with all the CGI and special effects it would have took to perfect Beast Boy's many transformations. I think they nailed Raven perfectly, the personality, abilities and everything was greatly captured. So I felt overall it has great potential and I would love to see it continue for more seasons, I think the introduction of the Doom Patrol was perfect and the series was great from episode 3-10. Now episode 11, the season finale, felt out of place and forced. Episode 11 feels like the beginning of a whole new season or you will think that you skipped an episode on accident. The way the episode starts off almost gives it away as a dream sequence because it doesnt pick up where episode 10 left off. It shows some ransom life with Dick and Dawn, she's pregnant and has 1 kid already, which already tells you something isn't right because the last time we seen Dawn, she was just waking up in Hank's arms. The whole episode felt disconnected from the rest of the series. Then here comes the whole Save Batman from himself, he killed The Joker" thing was just like, when has killing The Joker ever been bad. Then even seen that showed Batman or the back of his head, has already been shown in the previews. There was nothing new to see other than Dick waking up which I felt was a total ripoff, especially to be a season finale. It only ties back in to the main storyline in the last few minutes when it shows that Dick is under mind control which most of us should have figured from the beginning of the episode. The whole Batman dream sequence was a cheap, lazy tactic to get more people to watch the show. They used Batman just to grow the audience of Titan viewers. It wouldn't have been so bad if the episode wasn't all in Dick's head. I mean why couldn't we see Batman close up, was it because the studio didn't have the right permissions to show his whole body only his head lol? I don't know but I think the season finale was a lazy, desperate attempt to increase fans for the show. What do you think about the season finale, was it a disappointment to you also? I want to hear from you!

Batman vs Robin season finale to Titans pic by j skipper


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