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The Reason Batman Is The Greatest Superhero Of All Time

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Big shoutout to J-Skipper for letting me use his artwork for this article. Well, the reason I think he's the greatest is that he can be any one of us. He's a regular person that had a tragic backstory but fortunately, he's left with wealth, not the trade any sane person would be satisfied with. But he used his riches to try to make a difference, not in the traditional way, but it's honorable to sacrifice your life for the greater good. Although he trains at a level most humans couldn't even dream of getting close to, he's still vulnerable in situations like Jason Todd being killed by Joker, Oracle being shot and that's what makes him human. So my point being is that his relative and he still can go toe-to-toe with Superman. Therefore, in a world with no heroes, The World's Greatest Detective is more than an honorable icon.


Art by J-SkipperArtwork by J-skipper

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  • Ok so I can agree with u that he is a great detective thanks to all his gadgets and it is sad what happened to his family, but he is not the greatest superhero. What I have realized is that most superhero that we follow we tend to like more than the other is because we feel that we can relate to them, each character has a different back story which makes them unique and in return when they feel they are fighting against each other they really fighting for the same cause. My personal favorite is SUPERMAN!!!

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