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From Music to Comics?

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Hi, I'm Derek Jefferson, the creator of Hold That Down Bruh Comics. The reason I choose write comics is that of my love for storytelling. I started off making music and writing lyrics until I figured out how to get people to illustrate my visions. It is fun creating stories based from similar situations in my everyday life. What makes my comics different from others is my unique hip hop touch blended with pure comedy and real-life situations. I never thought I would be writing comics, but this is better than any job because I can make money while pursuing my passion. I want to get into animation in the next coming year and hopefully, have a TV show one day. The world will undoubtedly be familiar with my Comicverse. My ultimate plan on the music side of things is to create soundtracks around my comic book releases exclusively for my fans. The music will directly tie into the stories and will be told from different character perspectives. So you will be sure to see a No Heroes in the South soundtrack series shortly. 

I was born in Columbus, GA and grew up most of my teen years in Phenix City, AL. I started off rapping with a group of guys in my neighborhood, after my 11th-grade year in high school I moved back to Columbus, GA and that's when I started taking music seriously. I started a group called da Hooligans (has been renamed da Most Known Unknown) with my brother Que Hefner, Marcus G, Solo and me, Clyde Dynomite. We put out a few mixtapes under the name in which you can still find on I moved to Atlanta, GA to start a life in a city with more opportunities, that's when I started my carpet cleaning business. I stumbled over Shopify, so I tried at drop shipping other products. Then one day Solo called me and was like "I know you are doing your thing up there but don't forget about the comic." At that moment I realized I forgot all about my graphic novel that I wrote in Columbus, GA. That's when I got the idea to seek out illustrators to draw up my book into a comic book. Being knowledgeable in the internet marketing field it came to me naturally to theme my store around my comic book products. After a year of running ads on different products and redesigning my website, I finally realized to make my comic books appeal to everyone I have to give my fans more about the characters like bios, comic book snippets, giveaways and more to grow engagement. Thanks to all of my supporters, fans and potential new ones for believing in me and taking the time to check out my content. We are officially the newest indie comic book company in Atlanta, GA and a pioneer in hip-hop comic books.


You can check out some of the songs I'm thinking about working on to be available for the first soundtrack at, in which I don't have a release date right now!


  • I blown away cause i wanted to do the same but was told this couldn’t be done i still write comic from time to time but fell back, man if your looking for any more writers contact me on fb

    Kbj on

  • I love this! I love how your characters have realistic backgrounds and I love the comedic twist. My favorite so far is Captain Sah because of his love for protecting women! Keep them coming!!! I want to read more…. Keep up the AMAZING work!!!!

    Carlecia Bell on

  • Happiness keeps u Sweet; Trials Make u Strong; Sorrows keep u Human; Failure makes u Humble; Success keeps u glowing & God keeps u going! God Bless U!


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