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My Awkwardman.. I Mean Aquaman Review!

Posted by derek jefferson on

Shoutout to Yuseph for his awesome fan art of Aquaman! After they previewed him in BvS than premiered him in Justice League I was excited to hear that he had his own solo movie coming out. But to my disappointment it wasn't what I thought it was going to be, I like his actual character all around but I feel the story was kind of boring and cliche. Supporting characters like Mera and Black Manta were good, even though seeing Mera water-bend made me feel like I was watching a episode of the Last Airbender. I liked the fight scenes but I felt the storyline was boring and failed to keep my attention. I feel asleep on all 3 attempts of watching it all the way through, maybe they should have spent less time on story plots and actual action. I seen too many comparisons and similarities from this movie and other comic book adaptations. I liked him better in Justice League but that's my opinion. What do you think? 

Auqaman by Yuseph


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