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Kickstarter Thank You Shoutouts!! We Couldn't Have Done It Without You Guys!!!

Posted by derek jefferson on

I would like to thank each one of you guys for helping this project come to life. We tried to pledge for $1,500 but we made it to $1,553 with the participation of all 74 of you!! As promised 10% of each physical copy of Homeless Homeboy is donated to the homeless and 10% of my Kickstarter funds will be used to purchase a bunch of Shelter The Forgotten shirts that we will also donate to the homeless. This blog is dedicated to all who helped bring this project to life, so if you were a part of this then you will find your name below. Special thanks to:

(Listed from the first pledger to the last pledger.)

Sparkxster +

DJ MatriXx

Anomalous Comics

Ramel Hill

The Creative Fund

Martha Schwartz

Morgan Iverson

 5 Star Detail Team

William Satterwhite

L. Thistle

Tamico Smith

Paul Y Cod Asyn Jarman

Tiara Pittman

Cassandra Humphery

Eugenia Davis

Greg Anderson-Elysee

Mike Benoist

GNOSIS Entertainment (Brian Hawkins)

Chris Rau

Nathan Kelly

Alex Bagirov

Sania Omar

Stephen Kok

Chris T.

Dan Hoins

Chester Simon

Crown Shepherd

Travis Gibb

Andrew Russell Birkett

Gary Francis

Doug Pendleton

Ryan Palmer

Ms. Mynx

Joseph W. Duis

Aron Pohara

Bill McCormick

Kerry King

David Jaxon

Michael William Tener

Christie Shinn

Ar En

Detria Fitzpatrick 

Jackie Ford

Mr. David Fleming

Kurt 'KC' Christenson


Gail Jones

Drow Foster


DeAndre Courtney

Jamal Jalloh 

Rik Spruitenburg


Morgane Bellon

Dennis Williams

Steven Fujimoto

Brian J. Lambert

J Missess

Dorothy Fields 

Pat Mack

Tina Jalloh

Chapter Master Wakka

Freedom Jones


Brandon Waller

Don Greywolf Ford

Dr. Light

Leslie Baldwin

Danny J Quick


Bill Stoddard

DL Maffett

Chuck Pineau

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  • Yo Derrick, your the real deal and I’m so honored that I was able to meet you and I hope to be a part of this amazing movement. Put me to work !!
    Let’s go

    Mr David on

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