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Is Spiderman America's Favorite Superhero

Posted by derek jefferson on

Shout out to J-Skipper for the dope artwork for Spiderman. I think Spiderman is one of the greatest and most well recieved superheros the world has ever seen. Well for the most part he has a great personality as a friendly character. He's young and his character is kind of adolescent, relating to a lot of kids. His powers are unique and cool, his outfit has a great design and the color scheme is one that many people find interesting. Not to mention his wide roster of villains make for interesting plots and stories. Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk is one of my favorite villains, which originated from Spiderman. Another one of my favorite villains would have to be Green Goblin because of the suit and of course his relationship with Harry and his father. I think the best Spiderman movie franchise is the one that is currently running with Tom Holland. I say Tom because he's the most fitting for Peter's childish image. It's rather refreshing to see Spiderman fight along side the Avengers. I liked Toby but I think that's mainly because we were forced to accept him as Spiderman. I like the first 2 movies in that franchise but the last one not so much. Then we have The Amazing Spiderman franchise, which I didnt hate at all. I actually liked both of the movies in that franchise but I don't think he sat well with critics because although they made great movies, Andrew Garfield just didn't feel like Spiderman. I am waiting on the Spiderverse movie and Far From Home movie, I also want to get the Spiderman game but I don't have a PS4 I'm a Xbox 1 type of guy. But due to the positive criticism and the fact that they used the same fighting style that was used in the Batman Arkham series (I was sold on that alone), I'm really considering buying a PS4 just for the Spiderman game. What do you guys think of Spiderman? Is he your favorite and which actor is born for the role. 



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