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Homeless Homeboy #2 Kickstarter has officially launched!!

Posted by derek jefferson on

Homeless Homeboy #2 Kickstarter!!

I am excited to bring the news that we are officially live! This 54-page issue picks up where Homeless Homeboy #1 left off. Black Trash goes to jail, Terrance continues to try to learn and master the power of The Homeless Homeboy, all the while a new villain by the name Paymaster. Although he isn't much of a physical threat, he has a strong hold on powerful officials and people in high positions, making him a very dangerous man!! When you pledge you can receive PDF files and paperback copies of Homeless Homeboy #1 and #2, posters, Homeless Homeboy shirts, limited time Homeless Homeboy plush dolls and much more if we reach stretch goals and I know we will with our awesome fanbase!! Enjoy and thanks for being a part of something truly game-changing, not just the comic book but the whole "Shelter The Forgotten" movement!! It's bigger than me!!!


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