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Daredevil Season 3 Review (Spoilers)

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Before I start I got to give a big shout out to my artist, Yusef S. for giving me permission to use fan art of Daredevil. Man when I tell you I never been so excited on a TV release as I was for Daredevil season 3. It takes places after the events of The Defenders, which I thought was totally necessary despite the negative reviews. The Defenders actually made it interesting to go back and watch Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, because they didn't catch my eye at first glance. I even started watching Iron Fist when it dropped before I stopped after 3 episodes. But after seeing his deep connection to "The Hand" I was sold! Now back to DDS3, it starts off kind of slow once he's found and brought back to health it isn't long until he was back in action. The way they perceive Wildon Fisk's character is nothing less than remarkable. And the proper introduction to Bullseye character was also a game changer, being that Daredevil the movie had already brought him to the big screen it was Netflix's Daredevil depiction of him that made me a fan. The movie I felt was rushed and done by someone that didn't have an authentic feel for the characters. I definitely didn't think Ben Affleck did a good job of capturing the vision for Matt Murdock and the way Electra and Bullseye felt forced. But the Netflix version did better than expected but I also understand that Netflix had the upper hand because they had more than 2 hours worth of screen time to tell the story correctly. Matt Murdock still struggles to maintain healthy relationships with Karen and Foggy and I think the fact that he knows that they will have his back allows him to act reckless and constantly lie to them, I didn't say he was a good friend.  I also liked to see Foggy step up and save his family while standing up to a corrupt system that everybody in the city seemed to have surrendered to with no fighting chance. Also, Karen's continued brave, but often reckless, behavior against Fisk and other corrupt figures in Hell's Kitchen. That scene right there will have you on the edge of your seat. My favorite part of the series was when Fisk tried to frame Matt after figuring out his identity and we see Matt face Dex (Bullseye) for the first time. "Who are you?" said Matt "I'm Daredevil!" replied Dex, simply brilliant but my favorite moment of the series was the climactic fight between Daredevil, Fisk, and Dex. It gives you deeper look at Fisk and Matt's vulnerable sides. The fact that Matt would not be able to live with himself if he murdered Fisk and Fisk's love and determination for Vanessa makes them both come to an agreement. Daredevil wouldn't turn Vanessa in if Fisk would not reveal his identity and stop corrupting the city. I honestly don't think it's over. I can't wait till season 4 because I will be the first to binge watch it. Thanks to Daredevil for saving the television MCU. 

Art by Yusuf S.


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  • I personally think Daredevil is the best Marvel series on Netflix , season 3 made me love it more. Your review is very accurate

    Etinosa OMOGIATE on

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