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Origin of K9 the Hunter

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K9 the Hunter Alias: Yusef AuduAbilities: (w/o) suit: Genius intellect, master hand to hand combatant. (w/) Suit: Shock Collar, Poison Bite, Night Vision, Tranquilizer Claws, Scent Registry (the suit has a sensitive sense ability to track a lot of things by smell).Team Affiliations: Kovashan Tribe First Appearance: K9 The Hunter #0 Location: Kovashan, Fago, NigeriaYusef Audu is from a village, Kovashan located in Fago, Nigeria. He's the creator of the K9 suit. He's a scientist that created the tech. In an attempt to retrieve the tech, mercenaries destroyed his village with no luck of getting their hands on it. Stay...

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