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Character Origins — Drunken Assassin

Origin of Drunken Assassin

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Drunken Assassin Alias: Dom Lunar Abilities: Master of Drunken Fist and Drunken Monkey, Genius Level Intellect, Durability,  Hand To Hand Combatant  Weapons: Vodkalizer, Bottle Cap Shurikens,  Ambassador's Sword, Smoke Capsules Team Affiliations: King of Intoxiclan First Appearance: No Heroes In The South #3 Dom grew up a soldier in the Intoxiclan, lead by his father Drunken Ambassador. As he grew older he climbed the ranks of the Intoxiclan to become one of the most honorable soldiers. At the age of 18 he earned the title Drunken Assassin the King of the Intoxiclan, due to his father stepping down to retire and give his son...

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