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Origin of The Swindler

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The Swindler

Alias: Mateo Perez

Abilities: Master Pickpocket, Magnetic Swiper (glove), Limited Vanish Agility, Trained Hand To Hand Combatant

Team Affiliations: ???

First Appearance: Homeless Homeboy #2 (as Mateo), Homeless Homeboy #3 (as The Swindler)


Mateo Perez was born with the ability to swipe certain things undetected and as time went on, he mastered the ability to pickpocket and learned limited vanish agility. He is a married man and he had a long-established job as a bank teller until an incident at his job potentially exposed him as a thief. He and his wife left town immediately but after hearing about Paymaster's $100,000 bounty on Homeless Homeboy's capture, he is sure to return to use his abilities one last time...  


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