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Origin of Princel and Princeston (The Fowl Twins)

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Princel and Princeston Fowl

Abilities: Flight, Super Strength, Twin Power Source, A Variety of Teleportation Devices and Gadgets


Team Affiliations: The Fowl Family

First Appearance: ??

Many years ago, there were 2 powerful twin families, The Fowls and the Summers. The 2 families had a serious issue with each other that lead to an all-out war, mainly over the twin power source. The war lasted for years until both families met their demise as a result. Since then, no twins have been born with the twin power source, until now. The Fowl Family has resurfaced and is ready to track down the twin power source with hopes of reviving the family in full and taking over again like they once did, many years ago.


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