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Origin of Oji

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Oji (pronounced O.G.)


Abilities: Mystical Attacks, Protective Force Shields, Super Strength 

Team Affiliations: ??

First Appearance: First Responders #2

Oji was born in Nigeria but soon moved to The U.S. and that's where he grew up for 35 years. He became a heavy drug lord in a small period of time and his many connections were more than even Paymaster. He later was brought down and tried for his many crimes but were never convicted because of his powerful presence in the neighborhoods. No one ever testified or mentioned him in any type of incriminating cases, the few that were about to testify against him backed out because of them either becoming spooked or coming up missing. They weren't able to get him in court but they had enough evidence to get him deported back to Nigeria. Not long after his arrival he turned his organization into an international one and he still used his influences in the U.S. to make moves in Nigeria.



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