Origin of Dominatrixx

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Alias: Dominique Summers

Abilities: Master Acrobatic, Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Confusion Darts, Senses Human Emotions 

Team Affiliations: ??

First Appearance: ?? 

She grew up with both parents, but she witnessed a lot of abuse between her mother and father. Dominique was a youth when she saw the brutality left eventually left her mom in a wheelchair when her father shoved her down the stairs. Her father was going to prison for ten years for assault and family violence, and for many years Dominique blamed herself for not stepping in. She went to college and worked at a gentleman's club to help pay her way for tuition. She soon found out about the nightlife and found her mission to fight against the abuse that was mostly looked over. 

Look out for her comic book series that's coming soon... 

Dominatrixx OriginDominatrixx vs Drunken Assassin


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