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Origin of Danyx

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Alias: Dominique Summers

Abilities And Weapons: Master Acrobatic, Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Confusion Darts, Bird Claw (staff), Senses Human Emotions (in a close range), Snake Bite (lethal strike)

Team Affiliations: First Responders

First Appearance: Homeless Homeboy #3 

She grew up with both parents, but she witnessed a lot of abuse between her mother and father. Dominique was a youth when she saw the brutality that eventually left her mom in a wheelchair when her father shoved her down the stairs. Her father went to prison for ten years for assault and family violence and her mom died a few years after due to cancer, and for many years Dominique blamed herself for. Five years after her mom died she decided to sale her mom's house. While she was cleaning out the attic she discovered a secret compartment that had information dated 100s of years ago along with a magical staff called The Bird Claw. The staff gives her magical powers, along with those powers and her training she chose to fight the injustices that be.

Look out for her comic book series that's coming soon... 


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