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Origin of Danyx

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Alias: Dominique Summers

Abilities And Weapons: Master Acrobatic, Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Confusion Darts, Bird Claw (staff), Senses Human Emotions (in a close range), Snake Bite (lethal strike)

Team Affiliations: First Responders

First Appearance: Homeless Homeboy #3 

Dominique Summers grew up as the only child to a single mother, Gloria Summers. As an adult, she was able to balance taking care of her mom and working a full-time job. One day, she was cleaning out her mom's attic and found a hidden staff of some kind. She grabbed it and it instantly had an effect on her, giving her the power of Danyx. 

Danyx #1 coming soon...

Danyx #1 cover


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