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Origin of Bootman

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Alias: Tron Willis 

Abilities: Stealth, Super Strength, Expert Marksman, Peak Human Focus

Team Affiliations: Formally A Member Of The Intoxiclan

First Appearance: ??

Tron Willis grew up in a drug-infested neighborhood with his parents. His father was very much in his life but stayed in trouble with the law because of his involvement with drugs. His father went to prison for 50 years after a drug deal gone bad and he murdered 3 people in self-defense. At the age of 12, Tron had witnessed his first murder and bought his first gun, all in the same year. At the age of 16, he caught his first drug offense, and his family soon got him out. After seeing the look on his mother's face, he knew that he was following the same path as his father. So he promised her he would go to the military and make the family proud. At 21 he had ranked very high in the special ops but was discharged after a mission gone wrong. He soon ran into Drunken Assassin and was accepted by the Intoxiclan. He became Bootman and was labeled the deadliest Marksman to step foot in Skyview. After the members figured out he was stealing resources to make his own weapons, he was banished from the Intoxiclan. He then started fighting local crime until he started busting drug houses, taking the cash and destroying the drugs. He is dedicated to his mission of cleaning up the streets in his neighborhood and making it safe. For now at least...


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