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Origin of Black Trash

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Black Trash
Alias: Ralph Mathis

Abilities: Super Strength, Garbage and Debris Wielding Power, High Tolerance For Pain,

Team Affiliations: ??

First Appearance: Homeless Homeless #1


Ralph Mathis was a regular working man, he spent over 20 years at the same job, The Waste Place. He tries to move up in the company but they decline his proposal and gives him an extra shift to complete instead. As he finishes up his route, he encounters the young rough street thugs known as the "Door Sliders". They beat him in a failed robbery attempt but leaves Ralph in the toxic landfill. Ralph soon becomes affected by the landfill because of the nearby toxin known as T-16. The combination of the T-16 and the garbage in the landfill turns him into the villain we know as Black Trash. Read more about his origin in Homeless Homeboy #1




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