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Origin of Bald Head Small Head

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Bald Head Small Head

Alias: Theodore Daniels 

Abilities: Unmatched Brute Strength 

Team Affiliations: ???

First Appearance: No Heroes In The South (issue TBA)

Theodore Daniels was born with a medical condition called "microcephaly", due to his mother's heavy drug use during her pregnancy. Theodore was teased and bullied by his school peers throughout his whole childhood and the kids gave him the nickname Bald Head Small Head because of his abnormal head size. One day he attended a football game at his high school and as support for his school's team, he wore a team jersey and sat real close to the field. The team lost the championship game and blamed Theodore for their loss, claiming that he was solely responsible because of his ugly distracting look. As he tried to leave the game he was attacked by a few of the football players. One guy picked up a metal pole and struck Theodore in the head and this threw off his chemical balance and unlocked an amazing strength but also gave him a memory block. He reacted by punching a hole through one of the guy's chest. He stood in shock while the police came and arrested him. He was sentenced to life in prison and he dedicated his time to working out to become strong enough to break out of prison. 20 years later, he spends 23 hours per day doing push-ups, lifting weights and any workout regime he can think of.  


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