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Origin of K9 the Hunter

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K9 the Hunter

Alias: Yusef Audu

Abilities: (w/o) suit: Genius intellect, master hand to hand combatant. (w/) Suit: Shock Collar, Poison Bite, Night Vision, Tranquilizer Claws, Scent Registry (the suit has a sensitive sense ability to track a lot of things by smell).

Team Affiliations: Kovashan Tribe

First Appearance: K9 The Hunter #0

Location: Kovashan, Fago, Nigeria

Yusef Audu is from a village, Kovashan located in Fago, Nigeria. He's the creator of the K9 suit. He's a scientist that created the tech. In an attempt to retrieve the tech, mercenaries destroyed his village with no luck of getting their hands on it. Stay tuned to see Yusef put the suit to work to get revenge on the mercenaries!! 

I dedicated this character to my Nigerian fans. Make sure you stay tuned to see what his suit does in his premiere issue coming soon also. 



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  • Along with the collar, use of ancient weapons from his homeland. Launched bola’s, collapsing stun staff. Darts etc. I really like the concept of your character. Good Luck.

    Ken Gibson on

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