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Origin of Extreme Ty

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Extreme Ty

Alias: Tyrone Dawson

Abilities: Peak Human Senses, Super Strength, Power Force 

Team Affiliations: First Responders

First Appearance: No Heroes In The South #1 

The main character in the series "No Heroes In The South (the first event to take place in the HTDB Comics Universe)". Tyrone lives in Skyview, GA. He was a high school kid who was sort of an outsider to his peers. On the last day of school after his fight with Turtlehead, he ran into Ralph who offered him a suspicious substance. Once Tyrone consumed it, his life changed forever. He began to experience super-enhanced senses and super strength, but after the effect wears off his body function goes back to normal. He has to find a way to create an unlimited supply before he runs out.


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